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Dugan Funeral Chapel has been serving the Fremont area for over 50 years. The firm opened in 1952 as a collaborative venture between William E. (Bill) Dugan and Bob Lattin, and was called Lattin & Dugan Funeral Home. They purchased what had been the old Dodge County Memorial Hospital, and a funeral home, at the corner of Military Avenue and D Street. 

Art Chambers joined the firm in 1961, and the name was changed to Lattin-Dugan-Chambers Funeral Home. 


William E. Dugan died 1969. His son, William F. (Bill) Dugan had been a Funeral Director in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and in 1974 purchased the firm from Bob Lattin and Art Chambers and moved to Fremont. Art Chambers died in the Pathfinder Hotel explosion in 1976. Bob Lattin retired in 1979. He died in 1993. 


In 1975, Lattin-Dugan-Chambers Funeral Home moved to its present location at 8th and Lincoln Avenue. In 2006, Bill C. Dugan became a licensed funeral director and moved back to Fremont. To celebrate three generations of service to the Fremont area, the funeral home name was changed to Dugan Funeral Chapel.